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Silk Rug Cleaning Brooklyn Heights

A silk rug is one of the most valuable and beautiful rugs in the world. Only a true master will use silk threads because of the cost and the intricate weaving that goes into a silk rug. Because silk thread is much finer than wool, it can have twice the amount of weaving which means a silk rug can take almost twice as long to make as a wool rug. This also means that the designs can be more detailed. But the real value of silk is how dazzling the lights plays off the dyed threads. No other fiber can reflect the color of a rug with such amazing beauty. Whether the rug is made in Iran, Turkey or another area, silk rugs are always works of arts that need to be taken care of with great skill.

While great craftsmanship goes into the making of a silk rug, they can still become damaged if they are not cared for correctly? Cleaning these rugs regularly and using a professional to maintain them will help you keep them looking great and making sure that they will last for generations and can become a family heirloom?

Why Do You Need an Expert to Clean a Silk Rug?

First and foremost, silk rug cleaning must not be left in the hands of inexperienced cleaners. A expert in rug cleaning will know how to inspect your rug and choose the best cleaning process for it. Silk, like other precious fabrics could easily be damaged by strong detergents and other cleaning solutions. Because vegetable dyes are used in the silk yarn, a strong chemical cleaner can cause the dyes to run. If a silk rug is allowed to stay wet for too long, the fiber can weaken and get stretched during the cleaning process.

Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Heights has the years of experience and staff who know how to take care of your precious rugs. We use only certified green cleaners during cleaning which are free of harsh chemicals so you rug is safe during cleaning. With our special quickly drying process, your rug is cleaned and placed in a specially build spin drying machine that removes up to 95% of the water. As a result, your rug is cleaned and dried quickly so the silk fibers remain strong. And because we use green cleaning, all the cleaning solutions we use are green and are biodegradable and will not leave a chemical residue that will dull the colors of your rug.

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