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Whether you have a carpet that is manyl years old or you just bought new carpet for your home, you want to protect that carpet so you can use it for many years to come. Replacing a carpet is a huge expense and regular professional cleaning can keep your carpet looking great for many years even with heavy wear. However even with regular vacuum cleaning you still need to call in professional carpet cleaning services. Vacuuming removes dust on the surface of the carpet, but it cannot clean away embedded dust in the carpet fibers that increase the wear and tear on your carpet. If your picks up a stain, the stains needs to be removed quickly, before it can to set into the fiber. If the stain is left in the carpet, than they can be very hard to remove without professional methods. If you have pets or children in the home, then odors and stains can multiply in your carpets very quickly. Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Heights can handle all these carpet problems with our certified staff who will provide you with the best carpet cleaning service you can find in Brooklyn Heights.

Because we are concerned with the health of our clients, we are a green cleaning company. This means we only use cleaners that have been certified as green and non-toxic to use. Many carpet cleaning solutions contain chemicals that have warnings by the FDA but are still used as ingredients. Our cleaning products are free of any dangerous chemicals and pose to risk. This is important if you have children or pet in your home and you do not want them to come into contact with anything that is potentially dangerous.

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If you want your carpets to get a deep, professional cleaning at a fair price, call Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Heights and you will see why we are the most popular carpet cleaner in Brooklyn Heights. Our cleaning technicians are highly skilled in using the most powerful Eco-friendly cleaning processes in your home. If you want a steam cleaning or a deep cleaning to remove odors and stains, our skilled staff will give you a great cleaning that will make your carpets look like new again at a low price.

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If you want more information about how our cleaning services can clean your carpets, you call us at (718) 596-9663. We can arrange for one of our cleaning technicians to visit your home and inspect your carpet. They can then give you the best cleaning method for your carpet and the best way to remove any stains or odors you have in the carpet as well as the cost.

Carpet manufacturers recommend that the best way to ensure that you carpets last a long time is to give them a professional every one or two years, depending on how much traffic they receive. As dust builds up in your carpet, it starts to make it looks dirty and the dust will start to cause pile loss, making the carpet look worn. If you have stains then the longer you let set, the harder they are to removed. If you have pet urine in your carpet, this can cause color damage and leave a nasty odor that is difficult to remove. Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Heights can thoroughly remove all these problems in your carpet and give you clean and fresh smelling carpet again.

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If you want your carpet cleaning by professionals dedicated to providing its customers with great service at a fair price, call Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Heights. Our cleaning staff is experienced cleaning all types of carpets and will make sure to give the best cleaning possible. We only use the most advanced machines on the market and Eco-friendly cleaning processes that are safe for your children and pets. Plus we will clean your carpet with our advanced green cleaning processes that will leave your carpet clean without any harsh chemicals.