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Persian Rug Cleaning Brooklyn Heights

Persian rugs are one of the most sought after and valuable rugs in the world. These hand-woven rugs are made in Iran and are the products of an ancient tradition of rug artisanship. The prices for these magnificent creations greatly depend on the size, quality, age, materials and the number of knots. If you own one of these fine rugs, you need keep it in great shape through regular cleaning and maintenance. In turn, this rug will last a lifetime and can become a family heirloom.

persian rug cleaning Brooklyn Heights

Because of their beautiful designs, Persian rugs are used to give a room a luxurious decor. Placed in the center or a room, they can give your house an amazing centerpiece.. But Persian rugs are not only beautiful, but can, with proper care, last for generations. With the wrong care, they can become dirty and lose their value. Even the most valuable of rugs are not invulnerable to stain, dust and grime.

When you are looking to give your Persian rug a cleaning, you need to choose the right Persian rug cleaning company. While there are many company's who claim they can clean a Persian rug, but you should only use a rug cleaning specialist like Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Heights.

Why should you hire Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Heights?

With over 20 years of experience in rug cleaning and our own rug cleaning factory, we have the skill and technology to give your rug a superior cleaning. With our free on-site estimate, free pick up and delivery, our service is easy to use and our prices cannot be beat by our competitors. Our cleaning process for Persian rugs is based on our decades of rug cleaning experience and knowledge. We carefully inspect each rug and make sure it gets the best cleaning process based on its condition and any special cleaning needs such as urine or odor removal. Our rug cleaning experts will make sure your rug gets the best possible cleaning and look just as beautiful as the day you bought it.

What We Do We Offer?

Few companies can match our experience and technology in rug cleaning. Below is a list of our comprehensive cleaning services:

  • 1. Exclusive rug cleaning factory. We have our very own factory that has the most advanced rug cleaning processes on the market. From dusting machines, deep cleaning pools and our special rug drying technology, we stand above our competitors in cleaning results and value.
  • 2. Eco- friendly solutions. Your health and safety is of the utmost importance, which is why we only use certified green cleaning solutions. No toxic cleaning solutions are used and your rug will be free of any chemical residues.
  • 3. Great prices and discounts. We want to make our services affordable to all our clients so we keep our prices low and offer great discounts and coupons to our customers. If you want to make sure you get the best pricing, call in and ask for our latest discounts.
  • 4. Free on-site price quote and free pickup and delivery. We offer a free on-site price quote and free pickup and delivery. No need to move furniture and bring your rug to our office. We do all the hard work and bring it back to you and lay down again.

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